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Tom Fella is a clothing brand specially made for you!


Divided in two lines. Cause even if our closets are a mess, we know where everything is and divided by.


Basics and must haves, cuz those 5 white shirts in your closets are: blouses for Sundays, tshirts for Fridays, shirts for work, crops for a fun night out, and a comfy one for after the gym to grab a quick smoothie... And who says there's always too much black dresses in your closet?


We say:


"Black, white, gray, nude,

                         ... Repeat"




Bold and Reckless, let's face it, we like to have fun. Try new things, feel chic, be bold in our own style. The runway look can totally work like a good streetstyle, and who better to pull that off than you ;)




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